Event Planning

Planning an event on campus can be challenging the first time so this quick reference list was developed to assist with the process. For detailed information about planning a program or an event, please read Chapter 4 of the Student Organization Handbook. For this purpose, an event is considered a program, an activity, a meeting or tabling on campus.

Setting Up An Event

  1. Check all university calendars to ensure that you are not planning a program or event on top of another event unintentionally. Visit the Student Calendar and the GC Events Calendar to select an appropriate date.
  2. You must reserve a space on campus for your event. Georgia College has a centralized system for reserving space. The process is online and is called R25. If you need to speak with someone directly, call (478) 445-2749. You must create a login and password to use this system. Click on R25 to begin the space reservations process.                                             NOTE:  Also, use R25 to request tabling space on campus.
  3. Once you have a space and a date, you are ready to  begin advertising and promoting your event. Georgia College does not support the overuse of paper advertising. We strongly recommend the use of OrgSync and Bobcat Vision as the primary means of communicating campus-wide events (see details below). We recommend that closed events that are exclusive to your organization be advertised via OrgSync. Secondary means of event promotion are usually Facebook pages, Google+, tabling, yard signs, and/or paper fliers. Paper fliers must be STAMPED by Campus Life. Please come to the Campus Life Office located at the Student Activities Center, Room 215 to have your fliers stamped.

    OrgSync is the student organization management system and includes the ability to post events to a community-wide calendar known as the Student Calendar. Only authorized administrators from your organization can request that events be place on the Student Calendar. 

    Bobcat Vision is a digital display system that covers just about every corner of the campus.  It is highly viewed by student, faculty and staff.  Events should be submitted to Bobcat Vision at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Now it's time to pay attention to details. Please read the following sections of the Student Organization Handbook to ensure that your program complies with all policies and procedures. This information is extraordinarily helpful and may ensure a more successful event.
  5. Are you having food or beverages at your event?  Please make sure you understand the university's policies on food and beverages.
  6. If you are doing something unique and it's not covered here or in the Student Organization Handbook, please contact the Campus Life office for assistance @ (478) 445-4027.  Please ask for the Office Coordinator.  

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