Forms Used for Student Organizations

Below you will find  electronic forms and documents commonly used by student organizations, advisors, and other community members.  These forms are listed in alphabetical order.  If the form you need is not available, please contact Tom Miles

Departmental-Wide and Business Office Forms

Bobcat Vision Advertising Request
This form is used to submit information you would like to have posted on Bobcat Vision. Bobcat Vision is a student-funded, LCD monitor system that broadcasts information electronically to various locations across campus. Important Note: University Departments must attach completed art (1920x952 PNG or JPG graphic) to their requests. Campus Life provides graphic design for student organizations only.  ANNOUNCEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

Fundraising & Raffle Request Form
Student organizations and other groups on campus that wish to conduct fundraising activities must complete the Fundraising & Raffle Request Form and submit to the Department of Campus Life. The State of Georgia does not allow raffles without approval from the appropriate county sheriff's office.  Georgia College has an agreement with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office where the Department of Campus Life works directly with campus entities in registering raffles. The Department of Campus Life is required to keep these forms on file after approval is granted. FUNDRAISING & RAFFLE FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST TEN DAYS IN ADVANCE.

Green Towel
As student, faculty, staff and alumni travel, they are encouraged to take pictures with the Green Towel. These pictures will be posted on a website and occasionally in select publications. Please complete the following form to have your prowlings posted for all to see.

Prize Form
Because the IRS considers the receipt of a prize as taxable income, prize winners must sign this form before receiving it.  This form will be sent to the University's Accounting office so that they can track and report this information to the IRS when appropriate.

SABC Funded Event Food Sign In Sheet
This sign-in sheet must accompany all events where SABC funds are used for food.  For example, if SABC funds were used to purchase pizza for an event, the student organization must have everyone eating listed on this form.  This form must accompany the Budget Payment Request form. 

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