Organization Resources

Below is a list of ways ORG provides organizational support, training and development:

OrgSync - Student Organization Management System
OrgSync is an online student organization management system. It provides students with a host of tools that aid in effective operation of a student organization. Most student organization leaders indicate that OrgSync is instrumental in running their student organization. Throughout the year, ORG will be offering training sessions on components of OrgSync. Watch the Student Calendar for specific training dates and times.

Registering a Student Organization
Register a NEW or CONTINUING student organization. Continuing student organizations must register once a year, usually early fall semester. New student organizations can register year-round, but must be approved by the Student Government Association when they are in session (fall and spring semesters).

Advisor's Manual
Campus Life adopted a manual for student organization advisors to assist in providing support and guidance during the advising process.  Advisors often ask the question, "What does advising a student organization entail?"  The Student Organization Advisor's Manual will answer this question in detail.  If other questions arise, please contact  the Campus Life Office @ (478) 445-4027.

Bobcat Marketplace
The Bobcat Marketplace is an organization fair. Seven times a year, student organizations are provided with opportunities to welcome new and prospective students to campus. While the marketplace does provide recruitment opportunities for student organizations, new and prospective students are also provided with valuable insight into the varied interests of our students and the ability to make important connections.  The online registration for marketplaces will only be available when registration is open.  Marketplaces include:  WoW Marketplace, Fallfest Marketplace, Springfest Marketplace, and Orientation Marketplaces.

Bobcat Awards and Recognition
Late spring semester, the Department of Campus Life hosts the Bobcat Awards, which recognizes individuals, activities and recognized student organizations that contribute to campus life. In addition, students are recognized for receiving leadership scholarships, acceptance into Who's Who Among American College and University Students, and other selected awards. For more information, visit the Bobcat Awards website.

Mail Services
Student organization mail received on campus will be delivered to the Student Activities Center. Please contact the Campus Life Office Coordinator @ (478) 445-4027 if you would like to receive your organization's mail on campus.

Funding Resources
Student organizations can request student activity fee funds on an annual basis and for specific events. Each process is outlined in the Student Organization Handbook in Chapter 5: Financial Management.


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