Standards Program 



  • The organization’s cumulative GPA must meet or exceed the University’s all-men’s and all-women’s cumulative GPA


Risk Management

  • All chapters must maintain a risk management policy that is FIPG complaint.

  • All chapters must register campus events and provide approved FIPG paperwork
7 to 10 days prior to the event.

  • All chapters are required to notify the OFSL of the occurrence of any incidents within 12 hours.


Chapter Development

  • All chapters are required to attend events deemed mandatory by OFSL
  • All chapters are required to provide membership development opportunities



  • Chapters should sponsor/co-sponsor at least one service project each semester.


Campus/Community Involvement

  • Members of each chapter should be involved in at least one other campus program or organization outside of their chapter.
  • Chapters should collaborate with at least one on/off campus office/department with the purpose of members participating in a planned departmental program or inviting the campus office/department to present at a chapter meeting.
  • All chapters are required to collaborate with chapters of other councils.


Organizational Housing

  • Chapters with organizational housing must submit a housing form to OFSL by the third week of each semester or in the event of any change.
  • Chapters must inform OFSL of any status changes or matters that arise regarding City of Milledgeville Ordinances


Membership Recruitment and Retention

  • Chapters must maintain an up-to-date membership roster with the OFSL.
    • All rosters must include, legal full name, GCID and email address
  • All new members will be required to attend the OFSL new membership orientation program.
  • All chapters are required to provide an outline of their new membership recruitment, retention and/or membership intake program.
    • Any chapter that is required to participate in membership intake, must submit the New Membership Intake Form three weeks prior to intake process beginning.
  • All chapters must submit the member release form for any member leaving the chapter within 7 days of the release. For new members 48 hours or less.


Council Involvement

  • Each chapter must be recognized by a governing council and maintain good standing.


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