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OrgSync Tutorials

Learning how to use OrgSync can be a daunting task. These tutorials are designed to help you learn what OrgSync can do and how it can make your life easier.


Getting Started

These intro tutorials are for new users. They will take you through setting up your password, getting you logged into the OrgSync system, and helping you join your first organization.



User Guides

These guides will help you learn how to use the day to day tools that OrgSync offers to make your life easier. 

My Calendar
"My Calendar" takes the events from all your organizations and puts them in one place. Use it well and it can be a one stop shop to keeping track of your student life. 

Your ePortfolio keeps track of academic achievements, student involvement, and work experience. Using this information, the ePortfolio creates a complete online resume for you.

To-Do Lists
Stay on top of your daily activities with OrgSync's built in To-do list tool.

If you have any further questions on how to use OrgSync please e-mail us at campuslife@gcsu.edu

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